How to become part of the SAKRET network 

Our SAKRET network is unique in the construction industry: independent production companies and trading partners operate successfully and close to the customer under one big brand. If you would like to become part of our strong network, please contact us! 

On one wavelength

Of course there is a lot to consider so that we can look forward to a partnership together. We have to see if we fit well together. This means that we check whether you meet the formal and economic requirements for a license. Only with suitable partners can we continue to strengthen the SAKRET brand and expand our leading position on the market. But you as an interested partner must also consider whether our license and our network are really helpful for you and your product portfolio.

Before we can reach a contractual agreement, we have to work together through a few legal stages. This also includes meeting in person. We use this personal exchange to discuss fundamental questions. Experience with our previous licensing partners has shown that it can take up to a year for the negotiations to be concluded and the license agreement to be signed.

Everything about the process at a glance

Detailed business and marketing plan

We expect our potential future partners to provide us with detailed information on how they assess the market situation and its development. In addition, they should indicate which goals they want to achieve and which strategies and marketing instruments they use to achieve them. The marketing plan should also include the brand policy requirements resulting from the licensing. It also contains economic key figures on the interested company.

If everything fits together, we will provide you with a model license agreement. This model license agreement is the basis for further possible adjustments.

Once the licence negotiations have been concluded, nothing stands in the way of your admission into our licence network: With the signing of the contract you become part of the SAKRET network.

We look forward to hearing from you!

At a glance

  1. Strong brand

    The licensee receives from SAKRET Trockenbaustoffe Europa GmbH & Co. KG / Berlin to use one of the most important European building material brands for the marketing of its ready-mixed dry mortars. This guarantees the licensee a considerable minimisation of the entrepreneurial risk.

  2. Think global, act local

    The SAKRET licensee network follows the principle "think global, act local" - it combines the strengths of regional entrepreneurship with the reputation of an internationally recognised brand.

  3. Autonomy

    The operational management remains with the licensees.

  4. Exchange of experiences

    The SAKRET licensee network forms a comprehensive European network of independent companies. The regular exchange of experience among licensees results in a high gain of specific technical and marketing knowledge.

  5. Supported Marketing

    The licensor is responsible for brand management. He takes into account the national construction industry and construction law requirements and filters or bundles the measures that are necessary in this context. This includes, in particular, advertising measures and the external presentation of the brand, for example on the Internet, in brochures, in advertisements, etc..

  1. Medium-sized company

    The licensee should be a medium-sized producer of ready-mixed dry mortar or a company from the upstream or downstream value chain that can act autonomously within the framework of the SAKRET licence agreement.

  2. Previous competence

    At best, the licensee should have a factory for dry mortar that is logistically and technically capable of reproducing the existing SAKRET product portfolio.

  1. One-off charge

    With the license agreement, a licensee undertakes to make the following payments as specified in detail in the license agreement:

    >> a one-time fee for the conclusion of the license agreement

  2. Royalties

    With the license agreement, a licensee undertakes to make the following payments as specified in detail in the license agreement:

    >> current license fees according to its paragraph

  1. Licensor

    The licensor provides information on the free licence areas or the delimitation of the licence areas.

  2. Multiple licenses

    A licensee may acquire licences for several licence areas.

  3. Options

    Options on certain license areas are to be agreed with the licensor.

  • Business Plan

    The potential licensee prepares a business plan with special regard to the brand policy requirements resulting from the licensing.

  • Disclosure

    The potential licensee provides the licensor with an excerpt from the commercial register, the latest annual report and an up-to-date economic evaluation of his company.

  • Model license agreement

    After analyzing the data, the licensor provides a sample license agreement for review.

  • Personal meeting

    In personal meetings between representatives of the licensor and the potential licensee, questions are clarified and details discussed.

  • Admission to the license association

    Once the license negotiations have been positively concluded, the shareholders of the licensor approve the admission to the license network and the contract is signed.


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