Internationally successful, regionally present

"Think globally, act locally" - SAKRET has been successful according to this principle for many years. We are the inventors of ready-mixed dry mortar. But we did not rest on our laurels on this invention - we fought for an outstanding position on the world market for dry materials. For more than 75 years, the SAKRET brand has stood worldwide for high-quality solutions for dry materials. 

Close to customers and regional markets

Today we are one of the largest manufacturers of ready-mixed dry mortars. On the one hand, this is due to our proximity to our customers. SAKRET does not offer the same products and services in all markets worldwide, but we are present where it is important for our customers and partners: with 13 plants in Germany, 25 in Europe and more than 70 worldwide. This enables us to operate more flexibly, innovatively and effectively in the markets than large corporations. Our dense network of production companies and trading partners brings together licensees throughout Europe under the global SAKRET brand. They benefit from the strong charisma of the brand and respond fully to the needs of local customers with business policy and entrepreneurial freedom.

This network makes us unique within the European construction industry. And it ensures that we are closer to our customers and their needs.


This is what our products stand for: More than 800 master products for building construction and civil engineering with around 8,000 variants form the basis of our product range. In addition, there are products for paving surfaces, slabs and natural stone masonry and products for the protection and repair of concrete structures in traffic and civil engineering.

With its extensive range SAKRET can effectively support its partners in all competitive constellations - whether in new, fast-growing or saturated markets. It is not only the wealth of our products that makes us so strong, but also the functional and economic performance of SAKRET's product and system ranges for the construction industry and trade.



The latest example of successful cooperation between SAKRET and construction companies is provided by our partner TERMOKIR. The company received an order from the construction company Max Bögl to supply 7,000 tonnes of mortar for a new express train line in Israel. 42 kilometres of tunnels had to be lined. TERMOKIR - so far without a tunnel construction reference - was awarded the contract because it was able to develop a suitable product with just-in-time logistics together with its German partners at SAKRET: For weeks on end, trucks delivered exactly the amount needed for construction progress to the tunnels every night.

Exchange between license partners

We skilfully combine our know-how as a brand with the strengths of local production: SAKRET licensees and the entire SAKRET Group benefit from an intensive exchange of experience. As part of a large network, the licensees exchange information with other cooperation partners. Regular, specialist meetings of the various SAKRET working groups help through knowledge transfer in order to respond quickly and competently to local requirements and to secure orders with know-how and competence. SAKRET also provides various media and product information, including technical specifications and recipes, for very specific product requirements for individual orders.


Through this unique network, our licensees have access to the experience and know-how of an entire industry. They thus offer solutions that take all regional peculiarities into account, whether in architectural issues, construction technology or legal requirements. At the same time, the network provides our licensees with the necessary flexibility to develop new products with extraordinary specifications if required.

At SAKRET, we know that we can only maintain and expand our strong position if we successfully combine versatile products, a strong brand and an excellent knowledge of local and regional markets in a network of efficient partners.

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Business Development

The SAKRET ready-mixed dry mortar range

More than 800 master products with a total of 8,000 product variants are the product and system technology balance of the European SAKRET Group. They form the basis for the building construction product ranges: Masonry, facades, interior walls/ceilings, floor structures, tile/slab coverings and concrete components. In addition, there are the ranges for paving surfaces, slabs and natural stone masonry in gardening and landscaping and the ranges for the protection and repair of concrete structures in traffic and civil engineering.

But not only the quantity of products is an almost inexhaustible resource for the SAKRET licensees for the consistent and successful development and penetration of their national and regional markets.

Above all, the functional and economic efficiency of the SAKRET product and system ranges determines their outstanding market position - both from the point of view of construction and trading companies.

For new licensees this results in a clear and simple message: If you want to become the driving force in your market in a network of independent entrepreneurs with a strong brand identity, you will find the right partner in the European SAKRET Group in us.

SAKRET's 4-level competence in solid construction

SAKRET's 4-level competence in solid construction


Load-bearing capacity / stability / functional safety / durability

Fire protection / thermal insulation / sound insulation

Chemical-biological stress / mechanical stress / hygrothermal stress

Structure / Colour / Profiles / Coverings

  • National and international attractiveness

    The figures speak for themselves: the success of the SAKRET brand in America and Europe proves its international attractiveness and assertiveness. 13 plants in Germany, a total of 24 in Europe and over 60 worldwide make the SAKRET brand one of the largest manufacturers of ready-mixed dry mortars.

  • Diverse target groups in solid construction

    This reflects the marketing success to date, which has made SAKRET a leading player in the solid construction segment among investors, architects, construction and trading companies. At the same time, we still see a wide range of growth opportunities for SAKRET in the European context.

  • Dominance of Solid construction

    Especially since solid construction in the form of masonry construction and concrete/reinforced concrete construction not only dominates the German and Western European construction scene. Here, the proportion of masonry construction remains constant at around 80 percent; the figures for the associated concrete/reinforced concrete construction range between 8 and 10 percent.

  • Alternative solutions do not replace solid construction for the time being

    Only the timber-frame construction method is proving to be an economically significant alternative - with a share of around 10 percent. All other types of construction such as skeleton construction and prefabricated construction remain a marginal phenomenon with values between 1 and 2 percent. There will be no major changes in these market conditions in the European economic area in the foreseeable future.

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