Successful with the SAKRET licensing system

Would you like to become part of our license network? Are you speaking for a medium-sized dry mortar producer or a qualified supplier in this industry? Then you are at the right place!  

In a strong position worldwide

The companies in the SAKRET Group are today the world leaders in the production of ready-mixed dry mortar. There are three reasons for this strong position:


  1. Broad, innovative product portfolio

    We have a broad and innovative product portfolio in our four business areas: dry mortar and composite thermal insulation systems, tile and slab systems, gardening and landscaping, and concrete repair.

  2. Assortments for heterogeneous market development stages

    SAKRET's high-performance product and system ranges help our licensed partners in various competitive constellations, whether they are active in new markets, participating in the upswing in growth markets or are successful in strong competition in saturated markets.

  3. Unconditional customer proximity

    And finally, we are close to our customers. More than 70 plants worldwide - including 13 plants in Germany - ensure that we can act extremely flexibly, innovatively and effectively in the markets we serve.


SAKRET is considered to be the inventor of dry mortar.


A network of successful partners


Under the SAKRET brand - one of the most important European building material brands - we operate in a dense network consisting of independent, licensed production companies and trading partners. Currently, European licensees operate more than 25 plants in Europe, Israel and Cyprus. This SAKRET network stands for our proximity to our customers and makes us unique in the European construction industry.

Our success is not based on an abstract strategy that centrally regulates and specifies the business policy details. On the contrary, we give our licensees the entrepreneurial freedom they need to act successfully and support you in your individual design.

 More about the dense SAKRET licensee network:



Use of the brand SAKRET


Our licensees are granted the right to use the SAKRET brand to produce and distribute ready-mixed dry mortars. "Use of the brand" means that the licensee may use the logo and respects the corporate identity guidelines of the SAKRET Group. As licensor, SAKRET alone is responsible for the brand management: We further develop the brand and the corresponding specifications as required. In this way, all our licensees benefit from the strong, uniform image of the SAKRET brand and thus have easier access to the market.

In turn, our licensees identify and implement what is necessary for a successful appearance in their license area. This includes various advertising measures and the external presentation of the brand, for example in lead campaigns, social media measures, brochures or advertisements.

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SAKRET Headquarters

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Business Development

Full entrepreneurial freedom

We act according to the principle "think global, act local". This means that our licensees enjoy full business policy and entrepreneurial freedom in order to be able to meet the needs of their customers locally.

This autonomy of entrepreneurial decisions is very important to us. Because the markets in Europe, with their many social, political and economic interdependencies and differences, are becoming increasingly complex. Only our local and regional license partners know the local market and can therefore assess which products are particularly in demand. Only they can adequately take into account the respective national economic and legal requirements on site.

The network of our European licensees offers a decisive advantage in this respect: the regular exchange of experience between licensees results in a high gain in order to meet specific market requirements and implement entrepreneurial visions.


Requirements for licensees

These great entrepreneurial freedoms in combination with innovative products and a strong brand appeal to you? Within the framework of the SAKRET license agreement, you can act entrepreneurially on your own responsibility. In the best case, you have a factory dry mortar plant that can technically and logistically map the existing SAKRET product portfolio. In addition, you should have experience in the production of dry mortar and not be contractually affiliated with competitors.

We look forward to hearing from you!



At a glance


  • Presence of factory dry mortar plant

  • Knowledge of production of dry mortar

  • No contractual links to competition

  • No license already granted in the country



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