Success stories of the SAKRET Group

In the network of the SAKRET Group there are numerous licensees who work successfully in their industry and contribute innovative ideas.

SAKRET Switzerland - specialized in tunnel construction

SAKRET AG Solothurn developed sophisticated solutions for the specific problems in tunnel construction. And contractors were able to use them, e.g., for the vault renovation in the Axentunnel, the renewal of the Massagno tunnel or the renovation of the Starlera tunnel. "It is precisely because the various SAKRET companies each specialise in a specific area that everyone can contribute their expertise and know-how in order to find the best solution for the customer", stated by Kuhn."


The latest example of successful cooperation between SAKRET and construction companies is provided by our partner TERMOKIR. The company received an order from the construction company Max Bögl to supply 9,000 tonnes of mortar for a new express train line in Israel. 44 kilometres of tunnels had to be lined. TERMOKIR - so far without a tunnel construction reference - was awarded the contract because it was able to develop a suitable product with just-in-time logistics together with its German partners at SAKRET: For weeks, lorries delivered exactly the amount needed for construction progress to the tunnels every night.

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