Success stories of the SAKRET Group

In the network of the SAKRET Group there are numerous licensees who work successfully in their industry and contribute innovative ideas.

SAKRET in the Baltic states - regional powerhouse with innovative products

In this piece, Ph. D. Andris Vanags and Juris Grinvalds explain the rapid growth of their company - SAKRET SIA - in the Baltic states. Learn how the company succeeds at integrating its employees into the big family that is SAKRET SIA. In addition, find out how the company benefitted from the SAKRET licensee network at several orders.


Read how the Israeli licensee of SAKRET - TERMOKIR - managed to land a contract to supply a huge tunnel project in Israel - even though the company had not had any orders in tunnel construction up until that point in time. CEO Elie Cohen also explains why TERMOKIR can be considered a prime example of sustainable and digital business.

SAKRET Switzerland - specialized in tunnel construction

SAKRET AG Solothurn presents in its success story its special field: tunnel construction. Read the article to find out why the company's headquarter is located in a golden position for its business field and just how much the SAKRET network supports its product portfolio.

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