A speedboat on the market

Solothurn in Switzerland: The small town lies picturesquely between the Aare and Jura mountains. The yellow SAKRET silos tower up in the industrial estate: Here in the Swiss Mittelland stands one of 24 European plants, which makes SAKRET one of the world's largest manufacturers of ready-mixed dry mortars.

The ideal location

The location is ideal: Solothurn is well connected to Switzerland's rail and road transport networks. Just a few kilometres away, two motorways pass by. Basel, Bern, Biel, Lucerne or Zurich are less than an hour away. Here, between Olten and Lake Geneva, beats the heart of Swiss industry.

Customers all over the country can therefore be reached at lightning speed, whether in wholesale, horticulture, DIY or classical foundation engineering. "We are like a speedboat on the market. From Solothurn, we seize our opportunities everywhere," says Markus Kuhn, Managing Director of the Swiss SAKRET AG Solothurn.

The company's headquarters cover only 4,000 square metres. A good dozen employees produce, create and package the products for the various customers here: Dry concretes, mortar for various applications, adhesives or plasters ... A very large product portfolio covers the requirements of Swiss builders in the public and private sectors. "Our customers know that they can rely on our quality," says Kuhn.



Solutions for special requirements

The Swiss also benefit from the unique knowledge network of the SAKRET companies. Together, the various plants in Europe develop special solutions, rapid concepts and high quality. Because the employees in Solothurn have been in particularly close contact with the locations in Dortmund and Münster from the very beginning, they were able to transfer the experience of their German colleagues from the mining industry to products in Switzerland.

For example, SAKRET AG Solothurn developed sophisticated solutions for the specific problems in tunnel construction. And contractors were able to use them, for example, for the vault renovation in the Axentunnel, the renewal of the Massagno tunnel or the renovation of the Starlera tunnel. "It is precisely because the various SAKRET companies each specialise in a specific area that everyone can contribute their expertise and know-how in order to find the best solution for the customer," explains Kuhn.

Another advantage is that if a certain product is missing from the range that only fits a very special requirement, it can be imported. Because it comes from other plants in the SAKRET family, the quality of the material remains high.



Customers with high quality standards

SAKRET AG Solothurn has been in existence since 1967, and since 1968 products have been manufactured in the factory on the Aare according to the most modern recipes, with which SAKRET quickly conquers the market. The Swiss companies are mainly medium-sized and focus on high quality.

SAKRET can guarantee this because the material manufacturer continuously checks the quality of its products in its own laboratory. At the same time, Kuhn and his employees test new formulations that they develop for specific customer requirements. Of course, because SAKRET is also in demand as a solution provider for special problems.

The decision to locate in Solothurn was truly visionary, and not just for logistical reasons. Solothurn is also important for SAKRET in terms of production technology: the two most important raw materials for dry construction materials can be found very close by. The lime comes from the nearby Jura mountains. Sand or gravel, on the other hand, come from the Aare glaciers, which they have ground to a round shape by erosion. In many concrete and mortar forms, these smooth aggregates offer a better hold and easier processing than crushed gravel. "With these local raw materials, we can serve the Swiss market excellently, quickly and reliably," says Kuhn.


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